About Happiness Centre


Pusat Kanak-kanak Terencat Akal Bahagia (Happiness Centre) was established in the year  2000 in Melaka. The main objective is to  to cater to the low-income group of parents  who have children with multiple disabilities and cannot afford to bring their children to a monthly paying centre. We do not charge a monthly fee and take it upon ourselves with the support of the public, organizations, corporations and foundations, to provide a healthy and conducive environment for the severely challenged children and adults.

We started this centre with only 5 to 6 children and today after 16 years, we have 30 residents who are mentally and very severely disabled, and who come from very poor backgrounds, or from single parent homes or who are abandoned. We have Chinese (15), Malays (10) and Indians (5) with each child having multiple disabilities. Most of our residents are with Cerebral Palsy, down syndrome and muscular Dystrophy. Due to their severity, we have to have enough care-givers to attend to them, as they are totally dependent on someone for their most basic needs. Almost all of them are bedridden and wear diapers and because of their conditions we need special cots, special milk, medications and other facilities to make sure that these children enjoy a fairly good quality of life. We employ 10 care-givers and a physiotherapist, and we provide air-conditioning for our inmates so that they would not suffer bed-sores etc. As such we depend on public funds and contributions to sustain us every month. Our monthly expenditure is about RM22,000.00 and sometimes we cannot generate enough funds to sustain us for the month. We need your continuous support, in cash and kind to help us provide a conducive and healthy quality of life. This is a home away from home for these special ones who need all our support, in whichever way you can support.

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